Inside Chrome

 Chrome's Future
           Since before Chrome Entertainment was created I have noticed that the bigger Medicine Hat was getting the less there seems to do around here. Well I want to help out. I'm looking at setting up fun events around town. Even to help out hosting specialized parties and events around Medicine Hat. I do believe that if you build it they will come. I may not have a field of corn but ill make this city my very own play ground, while helping to promote and support our community.

          That's where I'm looking at Expanding Chrome Entertainment from Disk Jockey, Karaoke to Crowd Pleasing Party Events and Socials. I have helped host many Karaoke, family night at the Moose Family Center and It was a great turn out and the kids loved it. I enjoy volunteering my services and equipment for good causes and for Community Support.

           I'm also looking to work with Night Clubs/ Bars/ Pubs/ Organizations that are looking to work with someone that's willing to try something new, unique, different or even something that's been done but with a twist. Entertainment is what you can do to entertain people, I'm looking at doing just that, but with a twist to remember and enjoy.

             Right now Chrome Entertainment is a one man show, with all the resources for a full crew. I'm  always looking for DJ's with experience and a great friendly personality.  I'm working toward having a great crew to help make Chrome Entertainment grow and prosper. If you have what it takes and looking for a good paying Part Time job, contact or message me for a meeting.